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7 Favorite Money Saving Memories

Sure, saving money is a chore. But it doesn’t have to be a chore. Saving money can be fun — and in this article, I’ll share with you some of my favorite memories that involve saving money. You might even discover some new ways to save some cash!

Moving to Our First House

Couple moved in into a new home with boxes on the back
natik_1123 / Pixabay

Moving to the first house we owned was a big step for us. We had to clean the house before moving in, which was hard work. We painted and repaired some things that needed fixing, but we were glad that we could do these things ourselves instead of paying someone else to do them for us.

We bought all the new furniture and appliances since nobody had used them before! This made it feel more like our home than if we had just moved into someone else’s old stuff!

Summer Vacation on the Cheap

Friends on a summer vacation
Olenka Varzar / Unsplash

If you’re looking to save money on your next vacation, consider camping. You can rent an RV or a tent, and campgrounds are usually cheaper than hotels. Plus, they come with all the amenities you need like showers and bathrooms. If you don’t want to rough it too much, check out some of the more expensive campgrounds that offer cabins or even private rooms with kitchens!

When budgeting for your trip home for the holidays this year, make sure that eating out isn’t going to cost more than cooking at home—if you can cook yourself!

Backyard Birthday Parties

Backyard Birthday Party Cake and Decorations
Emmanuel Mwape / Unsplash

Hosting a backyard birthday party is an easy way to save money, especially if you’re having multiple children in your family celebrating birthdays around the same time. It’s also a great way to have lots of fun without breaking your budget!

You can make your backyard look like a carnival complete with tents, games and activities for everyone. If you want to keep things simple, just set up some chairs under some shade trees and serve hot dogs or hamburgers while the kids play together in their bouncy house.

Going to State Fair for Free

Swing ride on a state fair
Oneisha Lee / Unsplash

Going to the state fair is one of my favorite money saving memories. The first time I went to the fair, I was 11 years old and wanted to ride all of the rides. There were so many rides! Just looking at them made me dizzy with excitement.

But then there was a problem: tickets cost $6 each! And if you wanted to get on multiple rides, that could add up quickly! So how do you save money at the state fair?

It’s easy: go during an off-season day or week and don’t pay for admission at all! You can also save money by bringing your own food instead of paying for overpriced snacks at vendors inside the gates. If nothing else, bring some cash so that when you get hungry later on in your day (and trust me—you will), you can buy yourself something from one of those shady street vendors outside who sells funnel cakes and corn dogs for a fraction of what they would cost inside.

Another way to save money while still having fun at your favorite events is by finding alternative ways of getting around town other than taking Uber or Lyft everywhere (which can quickly add up!). Try carpooling with friends or family members instead; it’ll be more fun anyway because everyone gets together outside their homes rather than sitting in silence as strangers drive them down city streets where every light seems red forever until finally arriving home hours later feeling exhausted but satisfied with their shared experience nonetheless – plus who doesn’t love road trips?!

Buying My First Car

Car key on a hand and a red car
Anrita1705 / Pixabay

I was able to buy my first car at age 17, using the money I had made working throughout high school. I paid cash for it and even used some of that money to fix things that needed fixing after buying the car. It was a used car, but it was in good condition and lasted me 5 years before I needed to replace it with something more reliable (and more expensive!).

Dumpster Diving for Entertainment Centers

Colorful dumpster with graffities
David Libeert / Unsplash

Dumpster diving is the act of searching through the trash for items that can be reused or repurposed. For example, you could find a perfectly good entertainment center someone threw away in the garbage and turn it into a coffee table or something else that suits your needs.

Let me tell you about one time I went dumpster diving for entertainment centers: I was at this house that had recently moved out and decided to look around for some furniture. I found an old wooden entertainment center with shelves and drawers, but no doors or handles on it—that’s why they tossed it out! It was still in great condition though, so I took it home with me (along with two other pieces) and gave them new life in my living room as end tables.

Making My Own Wedding Dress

Bride on a beautiful wedding dress
Scott Broome / Unsplash

You can make your own wedding dress for a lower cost than if you bought one. You can customize it to suit your body type and personal style, using materials that are readily available at home. I did this for my wedding and it turned out great! I bought a pattern from a local fabric store that was similar to what I wanted, then altered it to fit me perfectly.


There are so many ways to save money and make memories that don’t involve spending lots of money. These seven moments are just a few of the times we’ve had a good time without breaking our wallets. Hopefully, they will inspire you to start saving your own money now so you can have some fun later on!